Creator LUXY ERC-721 V1

We use factory smart contracts to enable each user to create their own ERC-721 collections with the Luxy implementation!
LuxyFactory721 Polygon: 0xd26519B772837Cfca34b5e45d33f4372C7060eB0
LuxyPrivateFactory721 Polygon: 0x8D86e2A89Df98555a9Ffb5e1E1cD41478D74328D
There are two different factory contracts for creating your own Collection at Luxy. The main difference between them is that LuxyFactory721 is for minting and creating collections that anyone can mint from, and LuxyPrivateFactory721 uses an onlyoperatormodifier that will enable only the owner-specified addresses to mint from the collection.
Besides the privacy of the minting function there are some other parameters:
Name: name of the collection
Symbol: symbol of the collection
Creator: creator of the collection (defaults to owner)
baseURI: IPFS (preferable) or API folder location (defaults to empty-string)
maxSupply: You can set a maximum supply for the collection. A collection can be made unlimited by setting maxSupply to 0. This parameter is publicly visible.
isChangeable: If this parameter is set to True then the baseURI of the NFT can be changed. If False then it's impossible to change the baseURI. An example of usefulness is for gaming collections using IPFS instead of their own private APIs. This parameter is publicly visible.
salt: a random number used by CREATE2 to deploy the contract
Luxy implementation also enables royalties to be added onChain:
  • Set NFT royalties using EIP-2981 - only one royalty per NFT created.
  • LUXY standard - enables collaborative royalties where you can add as many different addresses you wish
  • The factory contracts will always transfer ownership to the address that is called the contract(msgSender)
  • The address receiving the royalties can be changed by the address that receives the royalties