Checking and Customizing your Drop

  • Your application has now been sent for internal review. You can check the status of your application by going to Tools > Customize the Drop:

  • See all your applications and their current status

  • The Approved status means your project has been accepted, congratulations!

  • Your project has been published, and is live and visible for all Luxy users on the Launchpad homepage!

  • Once your collection is live and ready to be minted, your community and Luxy users will be able to mint NFTs directly from the “The Drop” page.

  • A countdown clock will appear, marking the minting period for each stage your collection has, whitelist, LUXY sale, and public sale, depending on your chosen options.

  • Once your collections have been minted and launched, your “The Drop” page, together with the “Collection” page that all collections have on LUXY, will be preserved and viewable as a milestone for your project!

  • If you wish to further clarify any information on your project “The Drop” page, you can update your project description, roadmap, and team information, as well as add/remove updates, or change your artwork via the “Customize the Drop” page menu.

  • Please note that some changes will trigger a second application review and will require a manual review by our team. In these instances, your “The Drop” page won’t be updated until someone from the LUXY team reviews and approves your changes. You can follow your application's progress by going to Tools > Customize the Drop menu.

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