Cancel Listings

"Let's pull it."
To cancel a listing, click on the "Cancel Listing" button on the Owner section of the NFT page. 
You must be connected to see the owner section!
You also can cancel the listing by clicking on the trash icon button on the active orders session.
Follow these steps:
  • If you are not connected or not on the right network a modal will appear asking you to change to the correct network and connect your wallet;
  • Click on the “Cancel Listing” button or trash icon;
  • Review the active listing information regarding the number of units, the unit price, the fees applied, and the total that you would receive;
  • Click "Cancel Listing" to create the cancellation transaction and confirm it in your wallet;
  • After confirming in your wallet, you can close the modal or wait to check the transaction processing status until it is completed;
  • And done! After the transaction is processed on the blockchain your listing is no longer active on the marketplace.