4. $LUXY Swap

In October 2023, we officially migrated the $LUXY token from being a multichain token to a token native to the Rollux network. Before we dive into the details of how to migrate your $LUXY from Polygon or Syscoin NEVM to Rollux, here is some information regarding the migration!

The journey to Rollux marks a significant step towards streamlining this amazing ecosystem. By consolidating the $LUXY token onto Rollux, we're ensuring heightened security, seamless user experience, and enhanced token liquidity. And this focuses mainly on two things:

  1. 💡 Safety First: Native to Rollux: The migration to Rollux ensures an elevated level of safety for users. The $LUXY token will become Syscoin NEVM and Rollux native, eliminating the reliance on centralized bridges and safeguarding you against external vulnerabilities

  2. 💎 Focused Token Liquidity: We're committed to channeling the token liquidity where it truly matters - Rollux! This strategic move enhances liquidity efficiency, simplifies trading, and empowers the community with a dynamic marketplace.

You can check our Twitter announcements for more in-depth details:

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