Settings and Permissions

Owners Only
On Settings and Permissions you can:

Who has permission to set up a Collection? Only the owner.

The collection will appear on the My Collections page, which you can access on the Tools menu if you are the Collection owner.

Follow these steps:

To access the Customize Collection section, go to main menu click on Tools > Edit my collections
Click “Edit Permissions” on the collection you want to edit:

Setup Acceptable Currencies

Set up which currencies can be used to buy the NFTs in this collection. Royalties will be received in these/the selected currencies.
Set Collection Royalties
Define the royalty percentage and the addresses that will be receiving royalties each time a sale from any NFT on the collection is completed.
  • The royalties are separated by a network, choose one and click "Edit royalties"
  • Click "Add Address", you can add multiple receiving addresses;
  • Paste the address and the royalty percentage that will be destined to it each time a sale is completed;
  • Click "Save" to start the transaction to update this information on the Royalty Registry
  • Complete the transaction in your wallet to confirm the change.

Setup Collection Managers

Managers will be able to customize your collection! They won't be able to change the acceptable currencies, managers, or royalties.
To assign Collection Managers:
  • Click "Edit Managers" on the Settings & Permissions page;
  • Click "Add Address", you can add multiple receiving addresses;
  • Paste the manager account address;
  • Click "Save" to update your Collection managers:

Verify your collection

You can get the green badge to your collection, following these two criteria:
  1. 1.
    The individual NFT Contract address matches one of the contracts created by its associated NFT Project team.
  2. 2.
    The individual NFT Contract is part of a Collection that is listed on and has been Verified by at least one other industry-leading, NFT Marketplace.
Verify via Twitter
Make a tweet from your project's official account containing the link to your collection page on LUXY into the contents. Then copy your tweet link into the field and request your verification.