Create a Collection

To access the Customize Collection section, go to main menu click on Tools > Create collection
If you are not connected or not on the right network a modal will appear asking you to change to the correct network and connect your wallet;
1. Select the Network/Blockchain where your collection and their NFTs will exist, then click "Next"
2. Select the Contract type:
  • Creator Singles (ERC-721) - Create the collection using the ERC-721 standard. This emphasizes that each token created using this standard has a maximum balance of 1, and zero decimal places ("precision 0") which means the entire NFT can only be owned by one person at a time.
  • Creator Multiples (ERC-1155) - Create the collection using the ERC-1155 standard, which enables you to issue many distinct NFTs within the same smart contract.
3. Fill in the collection information
  • Collection Name
  • Collection Symbol
  • Set the maximum NFTs that can be minted in this collection
Choose wisely! The maximum of NFTs mintable cannot be modified after the collection is created.
4. Review the information about your Collection. Feel free to go back in the creation process before you create the collection. If you are sure about the information filled in click "Create Collection"!
A MetaMask window will appear asking you to confirm the transaction in your wallet, click on "Confirm" to submit the transaction and make it final.
And done! Now your Collection has been created.