To start a Mint process click on main menu Tools > Mint.
Follow these steps:
  • If you are not connected or not on the right network a modal will appear asking you to change to the correct network and connect your wallet;
  • In the first step section, you can choose an available collection that you are the owner of, listed as a creator, or collections that are open for everyone to mint. Or you can create your own collection by clicking on "Create Collection". After you select the Collection, click "Next".
  • In the customize section you can add the NFT file, the NFT cover, set the name of your NFT, add properties, and select a method that will be used when minting your NFT.
  • First, select a Method: you can select the LUXY Standard or add your own by selecting "Advanced".
  • Fill in the NFT Name, Description and, Traits:
  • Add NFT files, you can upload archives in all these formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF, MP3, MP4, MOV, GLB, PDF however you can't exceed 40mb.
  • Select a cover image, this image will be shown on the NFT card, and displayed on the Collection and Explore pages, remember to use a square format and click to Next step.
  • You as the creator can add royalties to the NFT that will be destined to you and all collaborator addresses each time a sale is completed inside LUXY. For more information go to the royalties section! First of all, define if your collection it will be Unique (ERC-721) or Multiples (ERZ-1155).
  • Select the type of royalties you want. The royalties to be added upon the collection on the royalty-registry are 30% and the royalties added for each individual NFT (following LUXY standard - for one or more royalty address or EIP2981 - for only one address) are up to 68% of the sale price
  • To add collaborators simply click "+ Add Collaborator" button. A new input field will appear so you can fill with wallet address and the correspondent royalty percentage.
    If you don't want to receive royalties for this NFT you can manually set the value to 0
    To proceed click "Next"
On the review step, you can take a look at a preview of your NFT. Feel free to go back in the Minting process to change any information. If you are satisfied, click on "Mint NFT!"
A MetaMask request will appear asking you to confirm the mint transaction. If you are satisfied, click the "confirm" button:
Gas fees will vary according to the blockchain's network conditions! To learn more, read about Gas.
While the transaction is processing you can check the status on Metamask. Closing the window won't affect the minting transaction.
When the transaction finalizes on the blockchain, a popup will appear confirming that the NFT has been created:
You can put it up for sale by creating a listing, or you can go to the NFT page to view your creation.