Connect to LUXY!

The process to connect your wallet on the Desktop and mobile app it's slightly different. Below you can find guides for both!


  1. 1.
    On any page on LUXY, if your wallet is not connected, you'll see a "Connect "button in the top right corner.
2. A popup will appear asking you to select your wallet:
3. If you aren't connected Polygon Mainnet, a popup will ask for your permission to add the Network to your wallet and switch to it.
4. To continue "sign" the signature request for account ownership verification.


On mobile, in addition to connecting the wallet on Luxy, you may need to add some of the networks Luxy supports to your Metamask wallet.
To make this process smoother, you can use Chainlist. Here is a simple guide we recorded about the process to add the Syscoin Mainnet network to a Metamask wallet:
Once this is done, you can access the Luxy application directly from the built-in browser in the Metamask mobile application:
The next steps are similar to the ones described in the Desktop section:
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    You can click on the three stripes menu in the top right corner of your screen to open the menu:
2. Next, click on "Connect". It will open the modal for you to select which application you'd like to use to connect your wallet:
3. The same popups on the Desktop version are also on mobile. Once you "sign" the signature request for account ownership verification, you're good to go!