Royalty Registry

The royalty registry contract is the one that enables Luxy marketplace to recognise EIP-2981, RaribleV2 and LuxyV1 royalties standard!

Collection Royalties

The royalty registry can set a standard royalty for the Collection, allowing for external collections to receive royalties from sales on Luxy. It can also be combined with Token Royalties to create a second layer of royalties in a Curated Collection Model.
The collection royalties can be added and edited by the Token Smart Contract Owner and Luxy Admin.
This type of Royalty will be only compatible with contracts listening to the Luxy Royalty Registry contract. Since the information is stored there.

Token Royalties

NFT creators can add an array of addresses and royalty percentages at the time of mint.
The royalties on the NFT Token Smart Contract values cannot be edited once the NFT is minted, we added the possibility to change the receiving address. This change can only be done by the own address receiving the royalties.
The Luxy royalty registry checks for compatible interface standards from other marketplaces:
  • Luxy V1 (Compatible with EIP-2981)
  • Rarible's V2
  • EIP-2981
The Royalty Registry contract do queries on the NFT contract address for each of these standards and if one of them is implemented it will be considered on Luxy protocol during the exchange of assets


  • getRoyalties
  • getRoyaltiesToken
  • getRoyaltiesTokenAndTokenId