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What is LUXY Marketplace?
The powerful and open NFT marketplace giving you a state-of-the-art user experience and creator tools that are easy! LUXY Marketplace is LIVE on the Rollux network, Syscoin's Layer 2 EVM that is super fast, low-cost and secure. Rollux is just one part of why LUXY fulfills its objective to be faster, more scalable, cheaper, and more accessible than all the common NFT platforms!
LUXY Marketplace is also multichain! In addition to Rollux, LUXY currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Syscoin NEVM, and the list of networks is subject to grow.
Will you please integrate LUXY Marketplace with SOL, AVA, Arbitrum, etc?
We get lots of requests to integrate chains! We are always reviewing these options to pick integrations that make the most sense. Keep in mind, each integration introduces a little bit more tech overhead for the LUXY team to manage. That's said, please let us know which chains you are most interested in by heading to our Discord!
What file types does the marketplace support?
LUXY NFT creator and visualizer supports most file types! From pictures, GIFS, videos, 3D, and even PDFs!
I am an artist or person with an original project who wants to create on Luxy. What should I do?
LUXY provides a state-of-the-art NFT launchpad! An efficient gateway for creators to raise funds, market, build and launch successful NFT Projects. Fill-out and submit the launchpad application form to get started!
Does LUXY Marketplace have a token?
Yes, $LUXY is here! Learn all about it. Also, here is a guide for buying $LUXY.
The home chain of $LUXY is Rollux.
Can I trade $LUXY?
Yes! Trading pairs are currently available on Bitmart and Pegasys! Here is an easy guide. Look for more DEX and CEX options to be added in the future.
Where is the location of the LUXY team?
The LUXY team spans the globe, from Brazil to Australia, and places between!
My $LUXY tokens are on Polygon or Syscoin NEVM. How do I get them home to Rollux?
LUXY Finance provides an in-app swap tool that lets you move them across easily from either of those networks!