Creating a Wallet

So, you want to buy your first NFT’s on LUXY Marketplace. That’s awesome!
The first step is to prepare your cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet will enable you to store and manage your digital assets such as NFT's and interact with the LUXY Marketplace web app.
We recommend using MetaMask. Creating a MetaMask wallet is very simple and takes around one minute. We prepared a video guide to help you through all the steps needed! If you prefer, there are also written instructions below.
Just go to and click the "Download" button:
Once the application/extension has been installed, follow the instructions within the wallet to create a new cryptocurrency wallet.
Follow the prompts to let MetaMask guide you through creating your first account. This involves generating and confirming your seed phrase, and setting your wallet password.
Never share your seed phrase, private key, or password with anyone.
LUXY Marketplace and team members will never ask for these!
Now that you have a wallet, you're one step closer to having fun on LUXY! The next section will show you how to connect your wallet to LUXY.