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Liquidity Pools

This page is under review. The Luxy team will have updates regarding the new $LUXY Liquidity Pools soon!
Create LP tokens to contribute to the Luxy ecosystem and receive rewards!
LP tokens will be the main DeFi component. Owning our LP tokens will provide access to marketplace features and rewards.
20% of the $LUXY supply is allocated to provide liquidity and rewards for $LUXY! It will be used for 2 purposes:
Total Incentives: 20,000,000 $LUXY
Initial LP
An initial liquidity pool for a DEX will be set up with 12.5% of total incentives. In total, 2,000,000 $LUXY + 200,000 USDC will be allocated to launching $LUXY on SushiSwap, with an opening price of $0.10.
Liquidity Mining
Total Rewards: 10,000,000 $LUXY
The liquidity mining program will have a duration of 1 year. This will help attract liquidity into the Luxy Marketplace protocol. Through this, 50% of the tokens directed to incentives will be distributed through 4 farms with a duration of 3 months for users who lock LUXY-USDC LP tokens in the contract.
NOTE: The LUXY Team is not allowed to participate in any LP incentives.