$LUXY Swap Guide

You can Swap your $LUXY tokens directly from inside of Luxy!

  • 1) First of all, head to our Finance page!

  • 2) Connect your wallet:

  • 3) If needed, switch to the network your $LUXY are currently in: Polygon or Syscoin NEVM

  • 4) Enter the amount of $LUXY you want to Swap. The ratio is 1:1, meaning that your $LUXY on Polygon and Syscoin NEVM are worth the same amount of $LUXY on Rollux!

  • 5) The next step is to click on "Exchange". By doing this, a transaction will appear on your wallet to be approved

  • 6) Once the transaction is approved, you can track your progress directly on the opened window, where we show the two steps of the process: 1) Burning your $LUXY on the original chain, and 2) Minting your new $LUXY on Rollux.

  • 7) You can close this window at any time, and you'll receive an in-app notification once your $LUXY token swap is complete:

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