Applying to the Launchpad

To start your application process click on the main menu Launchpad > Application Form.

  • Connect your wallet to apply for the launchpad. Pay attention to what wallet you will connect, your project will be tied to your address and user inside the Luxy platform.

  • The Application form has two different types of fields:

  • Public: Public fields are marked with a green dot. The information entered in public fields will be used to create your project's “The Drop” page. Any information entered in these fields will be publicly viewable, as written, by users on the LUXY platform.

    • Public information can be changed after it has been approved, by accessing the “Customize the Drop” page.

  • Internal: Internal fields are marked with an orange dot. The information entered in internal fields will be used during the application review process by LUXY team members to assess your application. Internal field information is not publicly viewable and is for internal review purposes only.

  • Some fields are mandatory and others are optional. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.

  • PLEASE NOTE: To complete the launch of your project, you’ll need to have a collection address ready. However, it is not mandatory to submit your application for the launchpad. If your project is still in production, you can submit your application WITHOUT A COLLECTION ADDRESS, and the “The Drop” page will be created with the available information. Once you have the contract ready, you can customize your drop, adding the smart contract address information later. The “The Drop” page will be updated accordingly.

    • You can find more information about how you should build your contract here

  • At the end of the Application form, you’ll find two fields. One relates to a WHITELIST MINT PERIOD and the other to a LUXY SALE MINT PERIOD. Both of these are optional:

    • Whitelist period: Whitelists guarantee project supporters the opportunity to secure their investment at an early stage without potential costly gas and user wars. Whitelisting allows your project heightened marketing opportunities while increasing community cohesion, security, and product assurance. Whitelists are recommended but not mandatory.

      The whitelist period duration is defined directly on the contract

    • $LUXY Sale period: The LUXY sale period is a period post-whitelisting where $LUXY token and NFT holders, members of our community, are provided with exclusive access to buy into your project. Although not mandatory, the LUXY Sale period is recommended as it offers enhanced project exposure, heightened visibility, and engagement across our broad user base by incentivizing the LUXY community to invest in your project. The LUXY Sale period duration and the amount of $LUXY tokens/NFTs a user must hold to be eligible to buy into your project are defined directly on the contract.

      The $LUXY Sale period and the amount of $LUXY a user needs to have to be considered a $LUXY holder for your project are defined directly on the contract.

      Projects who choose to participate in the $LUXY Sale period are rewarded with a 33% discount, which reduces the management fee payable to 10%

  • Once you’ve completed the Application Form, read our terms of service, accept the declaration, and then click to “Submit my Application”:

  • If there are no errors in your application, you’ll receive the following confirmation message after a short processing time:

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