Adding coins to your Wallet

Currently, the Luxy marketplace supports the following networks and coins to execute all on-chain operations:
  • Polygon:
    • MATIC
    • WMATIC
    • USDC
    • LUXY
  • Syscoin:
    • SYS
    • WSYS
    • USDC


To buy MATIC, follow the instructions below:
From inside Luxy, you can also use our payment integrations, Wert and Binance Connect, to add MATIC to your wallet directly with a credit card! Here are some guides we created to help you out!
Once you have MATIC in your wallet, you can swap it for other tokens using one of the dApps listed on our Finance Page!


There are two types of SYS tokens: UTXO and NEVM. On Luxy, we use NEVM.
To buy SYS NEVM, you can either buy it on one of the below-listed exchanges or buy SYS UTXO and bridge it to SYS NEVM.
The exchanges that list SYS (UTXO and NEVM) are available here.
For bridging the UTXO token, you can use the Syscoin bridge. More instructions can be found here.
Like Polygon, you can swap your SYS to any of the other tokens supported on Syscoin using one of the dApps recommended on our Finance page!


Now you can buy $LUXY directly on BitMart!
Finally, remember that the Polygon Network's gas cost is charged in MATIC, and the Syscoin Network's gas is charged in SYS. So it's advisable to swap your tokens directly to MATIC/SYS before you send/bridge them to Polygon/Syscoin to cover the gas fees!